What ever you’re doing today (22nd September) try to do it without the help of your car.

World Car Free Day is celebrated to encourage motorists to give up their cars for the day and join public transport, dig out the bike or, of course, put those feet to good use.

From what I have read observing World Car Free Day can mean different things to different people but, 2 main reasons stand out:

  1. Give the planet a rest; CO2 is estimated to account for approximately two thirds of man-made global warming, of which travel by private car as opposed to public transport emits the greatest level*, and we all know what CO2 emissions contribute towards, GLOBAL WARMING.
  2.  Take time to observe the environment around you; by getting out of your car you’re able to observe and be a part of what actually goes on during the day.

There are now over 1.2bn cars on the road and by 2035 this is predicted to reach 2bn**.

I worked out, on average, each car produces around 12kg of CO2 per day, so just imagine if for 1 day as many people as possible left those cars at home how much CO2 emission would be saved from going into our earth’s atmosphere…

So on World Car Free Day, why not join others and take public transport to work or reach your day’s destination by foot or bike instead?

If you really can’t leave your car at home today try it another day and remember, together we can SOW the seeds for change.

Love Charlotte x

How can you help SOW the seeds for change?

  1. Leave the car at home for a day
  2. Share this blog post
  3. Post the photo below on your social media with your own message and tag us
  4. Share with us what you’ve done on either Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or all 3 🙂

Photo 22-09-2017, 08 50 15

* http://futuretravel.org.uk/statistics/

** http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1093560_1-2-billion-vehicles-on-worlds-roads-now-2-billion-by-2035-report