Born from a desire to do more, help others and help you help others, SOW is here for you.


Pop-up events
Held once a month, these pop-up events will create a forum for like-minded individuals to come together and gather new bite-sized information to help you start making a difference. These events are for anyone. Anyone with a desire for more, for change and the courage to ask ‘SOW, what’s next!?’

Find out when the next event is here.
Yep, that’s right, this website. It may look ‘sparse’ right now (we like to think of it as clean, simplistic or fresh), but in the coming months as we start to grow with the help of the likes of you, our website will come alive with more information needed to help you change ‘so what?’ to ‘SOW what?’. So bookmark this site, add it to the home-screen of you iPhone (or android, or other smart phone – we don’t like to discriminate here), and keep up to date with what SOW and YOU have to say.

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