Mini Tasters’ Thursday Taste Test: Episode 4

This week brings us the last episode in our Mini Tasters’ Taste Test series. This week it’s Hazelnut Milk.

Although not said here, this has been her favourite of the 4 milks we have tried. In this video we have used Rude Health’s Hazelnut Milk and unlike other milks we have features we have only found another 2 brands of hazelnut milk which are:


If anyone has found any other brands we are happy to update this blog post so please let us know!

This may be the last episode in our series but, it isn’t the end in helping you in your search for dairy free alternatives. SOW, what’s next? Join us on 7 September at The Udder Truth where you can taste many of the different dairy alternatives, and not just in the form of milk! Book your ticket here.

Catch up on all of our Mini Tasters’ reviews here:
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