What’s your dairy alternative?

We’ve been told that there are 3 factors, which put people off trying dairy alternatives.

1. My tea/coffee won’t taste the same

2. I can’t live without cheese

3. and what about ice cream?

 With so many alternatives to choose from however, we are confident there is one that’s just right for you in overcoming all 3 of the above and, by attending The Udder Truth on 7th September, we will assist you in kick starting your search for the perfect alternative.

However, we won’t make you wait until then to help you in your search. Watch out for our ‘Thursday Taste Test’ with our mini tasters enlisted to get their opinions on 4 different dairy milk alternatives and, as it’s Thursday, here is Episode 1: Soya milk:

In this video we have used Alpro soya milk, but here are others you can try:

Acti leaf
Asda own
Holland & Barrett
Morrisons own
Sainsbury’s own
Soya Soleil
Tesco own
Waitrose own

Stay tuned for next Thursday where we will be bringing you Episode 2: Oat milk

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