Do you find yourself questioning where the products you live your life by really come from? Who produced them? Who harvested them? Did anyone or anything suffer in the process? What are the consequences of continuing at our current rate of consumption? What can I do to find out and can I do anything different to make a more positive impact?

Have you voiced this to anyone and been met with the response ‘so what?’

Well, ’SOW what?’ indeed!

Here at SOW we also want to know the answers to those questions and we care about those answers too, ‘so what?’ really isn’t good enough.

Our aim is to transform the question; ‘so what?’ into ’SOW what?’ and harness you with the knowledge and power to do something constructive in making changes for the benefit of all in small bite sized ways, each day.

SOW, what’s next? Join us at one of our pop-ups to meet like-minded individuals and start finding the answers to your questions as we SOW the seeds for change together.